Choosing Anniversary Flowers for Your Spouse

Anniversaries are unique events that celebrate another year of love, dedication, and unity. Why not send your wife a lovely flower to mark thirty years and one day? No other gift says “I love you, I miss you” more than flowers do. However, there are numerous flowers you can select, which should be in tune with the deep meaning of the anniversary. We have outlined a guide for selecting an ideal anniversary flower depending on your year of commemoration, colour meanings, and memory creation.

Send the Right Type of Flowers for Your Wedding Anniversary

1st Wedding Anniversary Flowers: The first year of marriage is a time of newfound love and commitment. The traditional flower for the first anniversary is the “carnation,” symbolizing young, passionate love. White carnations are often preferred as they represent purity and fidelity.

2nd Wedding Anniversary Flowers: Celebrating your second anniversary, consider giving “cosmos” flowers. They are fragile, but they stand for the peace, structure, and consistency you created in your pairing-up.  Surprise by sending online flower delivery in Bangalore.

3rd Wedding Anniversary Flowers: For celebrating its third year, sunflowers can be a sign representing never-ending love to them.

4th Wedding Anniversary Flowers: The traditional gift for your fifth year is “geraniums”. The joy that has prevailed in your marriage is symbolized by geraniums, which represent comfort, happiness, and positive emotions.

5th Wedding Anniversary Flowers: Love for half a decade deserves “Daisies.” Though they are simple in appearance, they carry an unmatched meaning of innocence, loyalty and pureness of love.

10th Wedding Anniversary Flowers: We have been together for ten years. Think about giving “daffodils,” a symbol of renewed life and new chapters being written in your marriage.

15th Wedding Anniversary Flowers: If it is true that a fifteen-year celebration calls for “roses”, then the red rose express love and deep passion within a relationship and friendship. At the same time, the yellow ones represent the growth in joy throughout these times.

20th Wedding Anniversary Flowers: “The aster” should be reserved for a twenty-year romance. They are also known as aster, which means wisdom, appreciation, and enduring love, which makes them ideal for this special event.

Choose Flowers Based on Their Color

In addition to the traditional flower choices, you can also consider the colour of the flowers when selecting your anniversary bouquet:

Red Flowers: Red is said to be a colour of love and passion. These include red roses, white tulips, and yellow carnations since these are the best gestures when you want to show your massive amount of love for your better half.

Pink Flowers: However, pink depicts love, reverence and gratitude. Lilacs in soft pink colour, peonies, and gardens denote affection for one’s beloved.

White Flowers: White stands for pureness, innocence and a new beginning. White daises, lilies or even Hyrandes could be some of the flowers to signify your perpetual love.

Yellow Flowers: Yellow colour stands for friendship, joy, and happiness. Joy can be expressed through sunflowers, daffodils, and tulips, which will be perfect for this purpose.

Choose Flowers for the Memories

Every couple has its unique memories and steps. It would help if you considered choosing anniversary blossoms that are significant to each of you. For example:

The Flower from Your Wedding: Revive memories of the first wedding floral experience by having some of the flowers in the anniversary bouquet.

Favorite Flowers: They help you pick those flowers that represent what your relation is, and these can be those favourite flowers of hers. Illustrate your consideration for them by being polite to what they like since it would mean a lot as an act of respect.


In summary, send Anniversary Flowers to your spouse makes your celebrations even more worth remembering. It does not matter whether the flowers are chosen according to traditional anniversary years, the colours, or the feelings. The important thing is to show how much you love your husband/wife. The uniqueness with which flowers reveal your feelings can create lifelong memories; hence, they are an ideal choice for an anniversary present. Therefore, choose that beautiful bouquet that marks this momentous occasion of your love and devotion.